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Originally Posted by Rabidwooz View Post
I have one of those small carpet screws in my left rear tire about half an inch to an inch from the sidewall. I lose about 5-10 PSI a day (I just refill in my garage every morning before work). Two tire shops near me refused to patch the tire because of the liability of the patch failing. The tire is practically brand new so it's hard to justify spending $800 for new rear tires.
What are your experiences with using fix a flat? Is it safe, should I find a sketchier tire shop that will repair the pinhole leak, or just replace altogether? Thanks for any insight.
Unless the screws are too close to the sidewall then there should be absolutely no reason a patch wont work. I would find a different tire shop and have them take a look.

That said, if the tire truly cannot be patched then I would consider replacing only that one tire (as another poster mentioned) granted the other rear tire is practically brand new like you mentioned. If the other rear tire has some wear though then best to replace them both unfortunately.