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Unhappy F83 M4 DriveTrain malfunction

Hi, So I have had this persisting problem for the longest time now on my F83 M4 and cant figure out whats causing it so and insight would be greatly appreciated.
I will randomly get the code 112601 Injector Cylinder 7, Control: Line Interruption, which makes no sense because its an inline 6 but I believe its just a generic code meaning cylinder 6, anyway its very weird because the car will perform great but at idle and at regular driving and will have like hiccups ever so often where it feels almost like a very slight misfire, and at idle like a slight stumble, like normally driving around the city I can feel it go bup bup randomly under normal calm acceleration. Car will pull like a Bat out of hell if I give it WOT but driving it around normally it will do this and ever so often give me drivetrain malfunction and throw me into limp mode giving me the same code listed above ^ every single time, no other codes included.
I already changed all my Injectors with brand New Bosch Ones with all new Decoupling elements and changed to all new coil packs and have changed out 3 different sets of NGK 97506 Spark Plugs and gapped them accordingly to 0.022 as per instructed by Bootmod3. I changed and replaced all new gaskets for the Intake Manifold and Throttle body. I changed my O2 sensors as well. There is no coolant in my intake. I changed My top mount Intercooler out and Upgraded to a VRSF Top Mount to avoid running into the problems of leaking the OEM top mount has. So at this point I am stumped, I changed tunes as well thinking this could be this issue but it still persists, I went from Stage 2 AGG OTS to Cary Jordan, he custom tuned and 93 map for me and a E85 map as well, which have been great but still didnt fix my issue. So I now Im stuck with this amazing beast with a constant problem, if anyone has any ideas or has experienced this problem, please help.
Mod List:
VRSF Top Mount Intercooler
VRSF Charge Pipes and J Pipe
VRSF Catless Down Pipes
Secondary Cat delete
Charcoal Filter delete
NGK 97506 1 step colder spark plugs gapped to 0.022
Insane Performance 1 Piece Crankhub
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