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Originally Posted by SD ///M4 View Post
Originally Posted by SixtyMac View Post
Just bought my first BMW M4 DCT.

I have 2 questions:

1) When I am going at high speeds and need to downshift (using the paddles) do I need to let go of the gas?

2) When going at high speeds and need to upshift (using the paddles) do I need to let go of the gas as well?

CanAutM3 posted the correct, but brief, answers to your questions. To expand a little more:

1.) One reason that you would not let off the gas when downshifting is if you need a lower gear for better acceleration, i.e., making a pass around someone on the freeway or a 2-lane road. Here's a neat trick with the DCT if you're downshifting to pass someone: Press harder on the gas pedal and hold the left paddle in. It will automatically downshift to the lowest safe gear without having to pull it 1 or 2 times. Be careful though, as it may shift into a lower gear than you expected. Also, don't do this in slippery conditions!

2.) When going for maximum acceleration and shifting manually, press the gas pedal to the floor and then just upshift with the right paddle. There's no forward momentum loss when upshifting as there is with a manual transmission. Pay close attention to the tachometer and make sure that you shift by redline. If you're doing this from a standing start, you need to shift into 2nd almost immediately or you will hit the rev limiter.
True but you're playing with fire utilizing the kick down function and spun crank hub. Better off selecting the appropriate gear manually.
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