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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
To expand even further on this:

There's no interruption in acceleration on a DCT upshift. Further, in the more aggressive Drivelogic modes, there's even a surge in forward acceleration as the DCT recuperates the inertia energy from the engine RPM drop and converts it in forward acceleration. This is the infamous jolt that is being felt on upshifts.

With a 6MT and even 8AT, you will see passenger heads bob forward on upshifts because acceleration is interrupted. On a DCT upshift, you'll see passenger head bob rearward from the surge in acceleration .

Being able to do WOT upshifts is one of the key benefits of DCT
This exactly. Such a great feeling to have a WOT upshift throw your head back into the headrest. It's also fun to see the look on a passenger's face when they get to experience that jolt of power.

But, yea... watch the tach close, because all that fun and giant smile are quickly erased by embarrassment when it bounces off the rev limiter and your head bobs forward.
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