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Originally Posted by dreamingat30fps View Post
I bought a 2020 Corolla last year. Mainly because my gf doesn't like to drive my giant ass truck (and honestly neither do I unless I have to) or the C7 corvette I had at the time. I think it was like under $19k OTD.

Honestly... if I was not a car guy... I don't see what more the average person could want in a car. It has AC, sunroof, real wheels, apple car play which gives you navigation, keyless entry and it has a bunch of safety stuff like blind spot monitor and even has adaptive cruise control with lane keeping. I'm sure you can even get leather seats in the higher trim levels.

If the shit were to hit the fan tomorrow and I needed to save as much $$ as possible... I would sell all the other vehicles and keep the corolla.
If the proverbial shit were to hit the fan, it would be more like in the movie 2012. So might as well enjoy a new M5 Competition before the whole thing goes down.

Because even if you do hit rock bottom, you can always go finance a Toyota Corolla or a Hyundai. They're practically giving them away. They don't have debtor prison anymore. (Unless you're in the middle east of course) They'll just come and repo your ride like they always do when you don't pay.
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