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I just cannot believe that they expect people to give up on the 414hp V8 over 1 horse power, that's just ridiculous. I don't think the improvements over E9X is anywhere NEAR as those back in the day were for the E46. 300 lb in weight reduction (and that's optimistic)? Come on. Who gives a crap about weight reduction of a few hundred pounds, I, among many people, will chose super charging the E9X for 10-20k (for an amazing ESS supercharger) over buying into the turbo campaign. At the end of the day, it's the engine that makes an M3 an M3. I just don't have that special feeling towards the F80 M3.

And please don't compare the new M5 vs the old one, the new M5 has had a massive torque improvement over the old one, and the difference between the old V10 and the new V8 in terms of the sound, feel, etc is much less than that of the new proposed I6 and the old V8 in the old M3. I think once you hit the V8 category, anything above is a marginal gain in terms of that special sports car feeling. This I6 feels nothing but a japanese turbo charged engine. Who cares about efficiency, I can pay 80 grand for a car do you think I'll even think about $20/week more for the gas? What are these guys thinking about?