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Originally Posted by auggiem3 View Post
I'm still holding out hope.

I also tried calling the number from my 2017 and 2018 confirmation (different last 4 digits) and got the busy tone.

If you think through the evolution, it was free in 2016 and then the price jumped up to $250 for '17 and '18. It's a great marketing tool - I heard the cost was to make sure folks showed. If it's a loss (ie marketing expense) why not bump it to $300 or $400 rather than cancel? They sold out fast and created a lot of good brand equity that hopefully translated to sales.

The website still shows 2019 Coming Soon. A few weeks ago it went down so someone had to refresh it. If the event was off, why not wipe the site and other references to it at BMW USA's experience page?
You should try the BMW M Performance School number. I do know that all the instructors come from that school.

And I agree. If they weren't doing it I don't think they would have updated the site to say 2019 coming soon.

My guess is it is starting later in the year.
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