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Originally Posted by spool twice View Post
Can you breakdown what goes into the cap reduction of $3419.63?

I think you can swing higher than 16% off MSRP. I received 18.7% off MSRP before rebates at the time for me was $5750 lease, and $2500 loyalty.

Unless BMW's trunk money is less on CS's (if there is any at all currently?), I know at the time June 2019 when I picked up mine there was at least $9,000 of trunk money.
I requested an email about the cap cost reduction details.
They told me that they could not go below %16 off MSRP.
$5,750 lease cash? Damn thats amazing. I only got $1,250.
If you dont mind, can you share your details with me by sending me a PM? Btw, I called another dealer and told them I wanted to put down MSDs but they said that they dont do that in their region? Is this true? I would’ve thought ALL BMW dealerships could do them.
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