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Originally Posted by RMB View Post
I really think if someone were to put an aftermarket exhaust on, like akra or something, it would sound really good. I watched a video with a GTR with an aftermarket exhaust it is sounded really, really good. I loved the engine of my E92 M3 for it's sound, but even the stock exhaust on my Cayenne S sounds better than the M3 exhaust. The Porsche exhaust is louder, has more presence and depth with a nice little rasp on start up. Wish the BMW came with a better exhaust stock. I think some one said that Eisenmann does the exhaust for Porsche and AMG (don't quote me on it) and it shows.

I am in the camp that really likes the new M3/M4. I can't wait to take delivery of my M4 and just the numbers alone (lighter weight, substantially more torque, even more hp) will make this a great car. I'm sold. Plus, HUD, LED lights, carbon ceramic brakes, updated design with hints of M6 and 1M coupe, nicer interior (though I don't like the new idrive screen as much as the integrated unit in my old E92 M3). This is going to be a great car. I feel that this is a step in the right direction from the E92 M3 and doesn't do anything to make the E92 M3 less special.
you wanna know what the car will sound like.

just google up 335i with a exhaust.

car and driver

"The M3’s exhaust note is deeper and louder than that of a 335i, but not radically different"

IMO 335i are not known for being really good sounding engines.