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Originally Posted by swagon View Post
And how do the interiors of 80 % of BMW's look? Black leather, alu or black trim, iDrive and no contrast stitching on older models. You act like you have no clue that BMW has offered a lot of other interior trims/colors since... I don't know. What leather do you have in your M3?
My car has CF trim and the leather is black not a washed out greyish color.
In regards to the "you act like..." there's been a lot of downgrades in how communicative the F series cars are vs earlier BMW but one thing they have improved on ( 5,6,7 X-series ) is the interior ambience. The pictures in this thread are just showing a very plain sea of greys and plastic looking trim.

Here's an example from the M6 with black interior and CF trim which is IMO way more appealing. Hopefully it's just the general over exposure of the M3 pix that causes everything to wash out and the leather is actually black and CF + Alcantara trim will be available.