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Let's get one thing straight, there is real tuning and there is piggyback tuning. Cobb, Burger and Vishnu are all piggyback tunes and are NOT real tunes. When the new M3/M4 comes out there will no doubt be piggyback tunes available, but please keep this in mind as it is NOT a real tune. The new M3/M4's will be on serious lockdown, just like several of the other new BMW's and they will be much more difficult to develop a real tune for. I have heard that it could take several months or up to a couple of years to develop real tunes due to the lockdown of the cars' DME's.

Now I will not be getting a piggyback tune on my new M3/M4 as I do not believe in tricking the car into thinking that it is functioning normal. I have seen time and time again folks with these piggyback tunes fail on the track. They get two laps into their session and they overheat or go into limp mode. I guess if you don't track and can live with tricking your car into thinking it is running as normal then more "power" to you. I myself do not subscribe to such piggyback tunes and will wait until the real tunes are available or just get a new car with more power.

Just my two cents!

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