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Originally Posted by JJS View Post
99% agree. It's a minor cosmetic problem that the rear 403M is only 8.5" wide instead of 9" minimum recommended for 255 section tyres. The only wheels that I'd rather have are BBS RS-GT 948 and 949, but they break piggy banks.
If you are looking for some multi-spoke twin-spoke 19" OEM wheels in the vein of the 403M but in the proper widths, perhaps the standard M5 or M6 wheel would work.

Style 345M 19" x 9" F, 19" x 10" R (Standard on M5)

Style 344M 19" x 9.5" F, 19" x 10.5" R (Standard on M6)

Note that since we don't know the offsets for the stock F8x wheels yet, it's hard to say how these would fit/look on the car at this point. Also, not sure how the stock F8x 255/275 rubber would look stretched over the latter wheel with its extra half inch of width. Of course you could always size-up the tire assuming everything fits. It would give you a little better traction in theory but also add weight of course (as would the wider wheel probably).