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Buyers Beware of Purchasing Parts from Scamming Company

Update: 2/2020 New Jersey Consumer Affairs is investigating ZNM along with Matt Mallave and Elyse Cruz on getting affected individuals their money back. Their actual Shop has been closed. But their parts department is still around.

Hey guys, the BMW enthusiast community needs to know from who they are purchasing from, and in this case, They are run by Matt Malave and Elyse Cruz They are a a well known and documented scamming auto shop based in Pompton Lakes, NJ (Previously). Their actual shop i believe is now shut down or they have new owners. They now focus on to selling performance parts online and are essentially funded from all the people they have scammed and fraudulently taken money from including myself and countless other individuals. This is not an accusation these are the facts, please read below all the threads, especially the S p o o l s t r e e t . com one and then mine.

Everybody who had an issue with ZNM in the past was given the full runaround of lies and excuses to why they never got their refunds, and to why their cars were worked on without permission, or parts stolen from their cars to be used on other cars. These are not accusations, these are the true facts.

These guys DNGAF about the enthusiast community, here are below of other testimonials from other individuals.

Here is my personal experience, its a long read but, it really shows who these guys are. I personally have been scammed and frauded about ~$10k in parts, damages done stemming from 2017 and it is still not over.

Here are others that reviews of ZNM, OR just GOOGLE ZNM Performance

w w w.s p o o l s t r e e
*obviously copy the link and remove the spaces.*

I cant post some other websites as they are blocked, just google ZNM Performance for everything.

Matt Mallave and Elyse Cruz have been exposed to be scammers and fraudulent individuals with proof. All these occurrences are similar in fashion and are well documented in the above links.
They offer you a lifetime warranty, but trust me, please go through all the posts, google ZNM Performance/Auto and see for yourself if you are willing to trust a warranty from these guys. Just read through a few posts to see what kind of people they, if youre put into a tricky situation, ZNM will delay your refund, deny your warranty, give you some bullshit excuses, all the same with their shop when they were opne. Nothing will be different with their parts department as long as ZNM is run by Matt and Elyse Cruz.

PM Me if you would more information
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