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The e9x front end looks as good as it was first released. It looks distinctly European, classy, and aggressive. The new one looks like a Japanese aftermarket body kit. New, yes, but not what I would consider an upgrade by any means. And the new hood dome...really, a giant square? Doesn't really go well with the rest of the design IMHO. The interior is definitely an upgrade...with my personal exceptions of the "M" logos on the seats and the iPad sticking out of the dash like it was an afterthought ("oh wait, we need a nav system....lets put it HERE!")

The F80 is a technological achievement for sure, but the exterior is too busy (with too many "air curtains" that 99.9% of drivers will never see the benefit of), too trendy, and a design that will not have a place in the annals of "beautiful" cars. You look 20+ years from its release and I really don't think the e9x will look as dated as its age may suggest.

I'm waiting for the next model year and seeing if they fix what I feel are faults with the car...and LOVING my e90 in the meantime!

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