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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
The blue handle fuel nozzle IS for E85 (at Statoil gas stations anyway):
Thank you for verifying.

In the US there has been 10% etanol added for a number of years, meaning that US cars might be more compatible with E85?


GM stopped using different materials in 2005 after no ill effects had been detected from E85.

Maybe the E85 "issues" is just a urban myth? Something for Mythbusters to investigate
The EPA has ruled that cars built from MY2007 onward for US sale are safe for up to E15. Cars built from model years 2001 to 2006 may be safe for that blend as well. Cars built before that are most probably not (and will accept E10 at most).

For any blend above E15 (and especially something as high as E85) I cannot imagine that it would be safe for use as a general practice in any arbitrary vehicle (even if the ECU was programmed to make proper use of it or at least allow for it). As someone mentions above, some other countries employ higher ethanol blends as standard practice. This fact may mean that some manufacturers decide to build all cars on a worldwide basis (or at least some models, particularly global ones) to run on such higher ethanol concentrated blends without incident. But I certainly would not make that assumption. There is more than likely some room for error (say, E20, as an example), but I think E85 could make non-metal engine parts (gaskets and seals) break down.
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