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Originally Posted by Diver View Post
I don't have any problem with EPAS. As Porsche has demonstrated, it can be done right. We are in an age of overbearing fuel efficiency regulation. In order to build a high performance car, it is going to take lots of advanced technology. That happens to be one area where BMW has an advantage.
Originally Posted by gator15 View Post
I don't think that this is necessarily a bad thing. I love the steering in my 911, it is the best car I have ever driven. As for BMW, I am being honest when I say this, my 328i is not far behind. I think that a lot of people see EPS and immediately think that different means worse. After I took my 911 around the track, it was clear that the EPS is excellent and I actually prefer it to the steering of my 997.
Absolutely correct that it could be done right but what are the chances it ends up being executed well? I like to look at both sides and say well this is the M3 and BMW can't possibly mess it up right? But on the other hand some feel the M5 felt less connected than the E60 M5 and that still has hydraulic assist and then there's the whole F30 3-Series problem. We all thought BMW wouldn't mess that up, it's the 3-Series. The benchmark. The icon...and unfortunately they did.

Now, with the Porsche, I haven't read much on it so I don't know how others feel about how Porsche implemented it so I won't comment but only say I hope this is just rumour just because how BMW has fared in this department on the FXX cars. I just don't see why BMW M would have hydraulics with the M5 and M6 and then switch to EPS on the M3. How much are they looking to save? By switching to a turbo straight-six, that's already a huge improvement over the V8. Just doesn't make sense to me. If anything, I would be perfectly fine if BMW went EPS with all models and left hydraulics to just the M cars.

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