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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Sort of true, but the S14 is still an M10 block with M88 heads with two cylinders removed. Semantics really, but the block and 150% of the head was used in all sorts of BMW's.
Exactly- thanks for keeping it real!

And people let's not kid ourselves here.... the N54 and its block have been sent out to pasture. Alpina is developing the N55 (maybe a future variant ) because "the N54 is no longer available". M is also in the business of advancing BMW designs- look at how M launched the "tü" of the N63 before even BMW did because M developed the new Valvtronic. The same should happen here.

And this car will definitely weigh LESS than the outgoing model as the F30 weighs less than the E90, and M is more efficient in weight use these days- it took less weight to go from F10 to F10M than E60 to E60M, same with the new M6.

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