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Originally Posted by JNoSol
Originally Posted by Woodengun View Post
Don't hesitate to tell your service advisor you track your car. Our cars were made to be tracked.
+1. BMW actually want you to join the BMW CCA and track your car. Once you're hooked, you'll never buy anything else. This trick works, at least on me.

Unlike the poor GTR / EVO owners, they can't tell the dealers they used the launch control or have to hide the fact their cars were tracked. Why the hell Nissan puts launch control on the GTR when the warranty gets voided if you use it? Their warranty gets voided if they turn VDC off. I had an EVO IX in 2007, the dealer accused me to drag racing (which I did) and refused to replace my clutch under warranty.

Thank God BMW actually want you to have some fun with your car.
good information? I like being honest but at the same time I don't feel like I always need to disclose everything. Good to know BMW takes care of the track community. All that GTR nonsense makes me not want one anymore? :
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