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I used this how-to, and it works great. I would add the following to help others doing this for the first time:

[] 1/8" pin punch is the perfect size, but would wrap the tip with masking tape so it doesn't chip caliper paint.

[] Re-punching in the pin- I used a small universal adapter from a wrench with a flat square tip on one end and connector on the other, and wrapped it in masking tape. I then used the flat side of a adjustable wrench (also wrapped in track tape), and banged that against the adapter to punch in the pin. You've really got to whack it hard and multiple times to ensure it gets in - no scratches : )

[] As you remove the top pin, just depress the top part of the spring and it will slide right out.

[] As you put back the top pin with the spring in place, push down the spring and adjust up to ensure everything is snug, this will ensure pushing the top pin back in place will slide straight and onto the other side of the caliper.

[] Before taking out of brake pad with Sensor, just use sharp nose pliers to grip and gently remove it. OP is right that if you try to pull the caliper out it will probably damage it.

[] Before you begin, and as you proceed, take notice of how the pads look fitted, the visible amount of the pin on each end, so you know it's been punched back into place properly etc.

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