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Originally Posted by CAOZKAN View Post
How does it perform vs other turbo upgrades at 91 octane? I wonder if I would get anything from them additionally vs my upgraded turbos at this level of octane since it's the only one available at my area..
As a manufacturer we don't find it conducive to our business model to compare data from our turbo systems vs. other offerings on the market. We provide data solely on the products we manufacture. Also, comparing a complete KRATOS manufactured turbo system such as the KRAS55Bi with a custom designed and engineered manifold utilizing our rotor group and bearing technology vs. a stock style hybrid journal bearing turbo upgrade that many well known shops in the industry are doing, isn't really a fair assessment.

One of the major drawbacks that are inherent of stock style hybrid turbos are excessively high back pressures. As back pressure increases rotor group efficiency drops exponentially as well as increased heat and cylinder pressures. Also, the stock manifold is limited to turbine wheel size based on the stock casting, which is another major drawback.

Based on the data we provided in our press release we're certain that our compressor wheel and turbine combination flows more lbs/min, produces more horsepower, and out performs any OEM style factory fitment twin turbo upgrade system on the market for the S55 at any given octane rating. If you still would like to get an unbiased assessment of what our KRAS55Bi's capabilities are vs. other turbo offerings, we would suggest contacting Halim at HCP as we're sure he has custom tuned more turbo upgrade S55's than anyone we know and has the most tuning experience on this platform.

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