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Originally Posted by Sales@KRATOS View Post
If you compare the 93 octane overlay of our KRAS55Bi vs. stock turbo with BM3 tune in our press release, you can clearly see a difference of 200whp by 7k rpm. This is a pretty significant increase in power and only begins to show the efficiency difference between the KRAS55Bi and stock turbo. This difference in efficiency between the two platforms only widens as the boost is increased, as our manifold, compressor and turbine combination supports significantly more volume at higher pressure ratios while producing less heat.

Our Dual Ceramic BB technology was designed and engineered to increase thrust loads, increase durability/reliability, and have faster transient response than that of a standard journal bearing cartridge. Another key factor about our bearing technology is that it has less than 1% frictional loss as compared to a standard journal bearing which carries a minimum of 10% frictional loss.

That being said, these factors combined do highlight the drastic increase in efficiency when upgrading to a KRAS55Bi turbo system.

So I can tell my wife that the turbo upgrade would get better mpg. As it improves efficiency.