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Not trying to come off as an a$$. I really meant it. You didn't do a legit search because I already know theres a lot of information out there because this tire is old. If you feel I came off like an ass I apologize. I told you that they are a downgrade as cliff notes. I told you they are a "fine for daily driving, budget tire, decent at best, down grade from PSS". I told you to search because theres an abundance of EVO 2 reviews since their release YEARS ago. Many people have tried to come up with tires acceptable to replace when the PSS wears out, EVO 2 is not that tire. It is a great tire for what it is, budget priced ultra high performance tire, but it does not touch the PSS / PS4S. I have ran them PERSONALLY and will never again on this chassis, they weren't bad, they just felt slippery and not as stable. The torque on this car makes them spin like grease on tires. On any other low powered car I don't mind, I've ran them on daily drivers no issue.

Second cliff note / question to you: These tires are a downgrade from OEM tires. Do you really want to go this route on this car?

Is this what you want? Here are the are few quick search results as well.

Good day mate.

Originally Posted by ntgarage44 View Post
While I strongly agree with you about searching, at least 5 out of 10 posts in the last few months in many of these sub forums have all been repeats. I'm usually nervous to post new questions because I feel like I haven't done enough searching before posting, and might get a response like this. I'm not sure whose fault it is, because the search Nazis don't always come on full force, seems to be pretty random. But I will say they're much less aggressive here than any other car forum I've been a part of.

Not sure where I'm going with this, but I don't see this ever changing due to how lax searching seems to be encouraged here. OP might learn, but there's going to be 10 other thread starters who just get their questions answered with regurgitated responses haha.
Dont be nervous to post new questions. was my response really that bad? Goodness I only said that because instead of waiting 1 month and bumping he could've found all the answers he wanted for this tire. There are hundreds of reviews on this tire, and many stating they are not PSS level... hence why I gave him the "cliff note version" to expedite.

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