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Originally Posted by hwelvaar View Post
Says who ?
I thought most automobile journalists praise the new generation F30 for bringing back the joy of driving...
Quite the opposite. The F30 won a couple of tests by a whisker on the strenghts of the all around package and refinement, being bested dynamically in the process by a few other cars. Including a Cadillac for crying out loud.

In the same tests a few journalists have thought that the E90 might be able to win a test against its newer brother, were they to be pitted against each other.

I drove the F30 of course, needing a new family car. I desperately wanted to like it and didn't. Oh the engine and transmission were masterpieces, but the handling was uninspired, the suspension floaty and the steering inadmissible in a BMW. My wife thought it drove like an Audi, and we skipped it and went for a Mini countryman, which captures the joy of driving in a very practical shell. The problem is, the Mini lacks refinement by comparison, and we didn't get the correct options on the car. Now we may be switching to the X1, which is built on the E91 platform but with the new engine/transmission, which could be the winning ticket.

Anyway, don't listen to journalists, go for a test drive and decide for yourself.

And no, that doesn't actually mean the M3 will be like that, because it has always managed to set itself apart as a driving experience from the cars it was based on. The concern is, the cars it was based on in the past were in themselves brilliant driving tools, and the current ones aren't.

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