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Originally Posted by trinim3 View Post
Cayman S is in my book the best driver's car available right now.

Also if you haven't driven a S4/S5 manual, I'd highly recommend it! (Also make sure you drive it in Dynamic mode). The manual on those Audis is simply sublime (shockingly so). Those cars are also superbly entertaining once you start exploring the insane amount of grip/g forces they can pull in the corners. Particularly on corner exit they just catapult you into the horizon. It's a different sort of entertainment that kicking the tail out on a RWD car yes, but entertaining nonetheless. If you change your mind, I can put you in contact with my guy at University Audi. He's young, good-looking and is a true Audi enthusiast himself so he knows his shiiiiii.
The low ground clearance (99mm with PASM) is a concern on the Cayman - it's always stopped me from looking at that car as a daily driver. I hate scraping and worrying about scraping.

I totally agree about the Audi S4/S5 6MT. Amazing stuff. The traction is fabulous with the AWD - it can really put the power down. The car feels very planted, and the grip and torque vectoring in corners just has to be experienced to be believed. I didn't expect it to be anywhere as good as it is, although I knew the manual transmission was superb after a short test drive.

I actually much prefer my S5 to my M5. BMW is now talking about AWD on the next-generation M5, so that will be interesting.

By the way, the M4 is larger than the S5 in all dimensions which is one thing that disappointed me about the M4.