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Originally Posted by doberzus View Post
If you have owned 2 F8xs in the past and got rid of them, what makes you think you will keep the 3rd one?! Third times the charm?

Something about the first two must've displeased you in order to get rid of them so fast.

I had the same thing with Subaru STI's(use to adore them)in the past. Got a 2011 STi sedan, sold it to get a 2012 STi hatchback version of the same car. Sold that to. After two more cars came back to the 2015 STI because something about the car made me want one again. I sold it in 3 months with absolute disappointment in the car and ordered the M3.

My point? Skip the M4 and either try something new or stick with the RS7, which is an amazing car!
Like I've said a few times. I got rid of the 1St one for reasons that have nothing to do with whether I liked it or not.

The 2nd one just barely had any options at all...One was dct and the 2nd one was 6mt. I missed dct and all the options of the 1St one.
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