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Originally Posted by Vic55 View Post
Ok so I owned a 2014 RS7 and had some of the same thoughts you did. I thought it was a bit floaty understanding the weight was a factor (I had the spring suspension) and also the rear end need a spoiler or something to fix the lines IMHO.

I installed these sway bars on the car and it really transformed it; no it didn't fix the weight issue but it clearly made lateral movement better and pulled out some of that nasty Quattro understeer. I also tuned the car and it was a keeper. I usually keep cars 6-9 months (except the BS and R8) and the RS7 lasted 11 LOL which says a lot for me. You might want to consider this, if you haven't already along with a tune which will give you crazy dig and roll performance.

Here is my quote at Audizine and the thread with the sways:

Better question how the heck do you decide on what to drive with those cars in your garage! lol