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I recently purchased a new 2016 Audi RS7, the thing is a total beast. And apart from it being an amazing daily it feels like a boat and I kind of dislike the rear.

I'm considering purchasing my 3rd M4, however, this one is a convertible with every option except ceramic. The F83 is a 2015 with 6k miles. Part of me really wants to do it, but part of me doesn't. The RS7 is pretty rare in my area, only about 3 within a 250 mile radius, but there's a fair amount of F82's.

I would be getting some money back on this deal due to the equity I have in the RS and the fact that I have to pay no taxes on the trade in, but I'd also be loosing some money as well. The F83 is $800 less per month. I paid 127k for the RS the used F83 is 78K.

Am I stupid for even considering this?!! A lot of my friends and family seem to think so. They feel as though it's a downgrade, even though they're 2 very different animals. I just miss how fun the M4 was to drive.
you are crazy i would love an rs7 and then tune it, thing is a monster. If i had the money that would be my next car
So many f8x fanboys in here. I love the car a ton but an rs7 puts it to shame. Let's be realistic. The car is half the price for a reason.
I would set my m3 on fire if it meant an rs7 in my drive way
I didn't know I couldn't do that. But I did know I couldn't do that.