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Not trying to argue "which is better" because flash tunes do automatically void warranty. Although i do agree flash tunes offer more bang for your buck. Some may find that they rather not take the chance. I appreciate the feedback though.
Neither automatically void your warranty as a whole. For example, they cannot void suspension, brake, or electronic malfunctions because of a tune.

Both are detectable even after reverting back to stock. If you go into the dealership with a spun crank hub for instance and you had a tune on there at any given point in time before, you will not be covered. They do have ways of detecting any sort of tune, including JB4.

Also, just going in for service, its much easier to remove and install flash tune.

But hey, GLWS.
I agree but nevertheless flash tunes are much easier to detect then an uninstalled jb4 and flashing your ecu is always a risk when switching between stock maps and tunes. Jb4 is a boost controller which does not leave much of a trace. But yes nothing in invisible when it comes to either.