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Originally Posted by PhatLyfe View Post
$1500 for that service is a rip off. Go to a BMW independent shops and get a quote there. Your not to far from me, I'm planing to go to BimmerClinic in Amboy, NJ looks them up on google 4.9 out of 5 reviews.
An indy would make sense for me later, but I think $700 to cover a minimum of 2 oil changes, spark plugs and brakes is a great deal that I won't get anywhere else.

Originally Posted by _robert_ View Post
FYI the $700 maintenance package is actually broken into two pieces, there is a premium upgrade that includes maintenance for e.g. clutch, and a regular component for the oil changes, etc. The regular component is a lot less so ask for it.
Do you have a link to a source where I could read more about this? I'm confused. The $700 extension is for the premium upgrade, but there's also a cheaper one that would still allow me to get oil changes and spark plugs?