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Originally Posted by Run Silent View Post
1) Yup - anyone who thought this would turn out different is a fool.

2) The statement about how the votes will be used in the election applies to congress as well. History shows that anytime a president is impeached and survives, the other party takes a beating.

3) Who cares regarding which subsidy is larger - ag or auto. Neither should have a subsidy of anything over $1. Why is the federal government giving money that they took from me in the form of taxes to any private business? This is crony capitalism at it's worst.
The ag subsidies used to have a populist, agrarian sentimental appeal to them when there were millions of Americans living on farms. The bucolic image of the family farm was heartwarming. But most of today's "farmers" live in Beijing or in posh condos overlooking Central Park. The subsidies long ago outlived their purpose, which was a bad idea even then.
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