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Spark plug replacement

Originally Posted by Laostuh View Post
Don't mean to bring this thread back up, but I didn't feel like starting another. I'm thinking about doing the transfer to my BMW M3 but it'd only cover me until 11/2020.. My car is a 2018 with 15000 miles. Do you guys think they'll do the spark plugs and brakes under maintenance if i took my car before the maintenance is up? I would assume the car would have maybe 23-24,000 miles by the time November comes around.
For 2018 MY brakes are not covered by warranty. One spark plug change and air filter is covered. The dealer will do the spark plugs early, if the car is at the the 3rd oil service on time, one year since last service. Actual mileage doesn't matter as much, so 23 or 24k should be OK. The indicator will come up after 11 months so you can get it a little early.