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Originally Posted by Ezio View Post
i have been saying this for quite some time. the 335i owners are loving the new M4. because the M4 is much more similar to a 335i than a E92 m3. in fact they will probably sound some what the same.

i came to BMW M for this S65 engine. i love the high revs and sound the car made. for me its very very tough to move into a engine that will not give me the same emotion.

I always laugh when I see your comments. It seems like you're the only person on the boards that have driven the M4 extensively to say its engine won't give you the same emotion.

I've said this before I think both 335i and E92 M3 owners will be loving the new M4 once they see how the M4 demolishes the E92 in every department. Take a look at F10 M5 owners and tell me which one prefers the E60 over the F10?

You will become a fan boy of the M4 and complain about something when the next gen M4 will be out. Thats what fan boys do.