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Originally Posted by Rahul718 View Post
Hi all,

I'm the 2nd owner of my 2016 CP M4. I bought it with 23k miles and it's sitting at 29xxx right now. At 30k it's due for oil + spark plugs. My local dealer quoted me $1300 for plugs (tax included), plus however much the oil change would be. I'm guessing that'll be roughly $1500 when it's all said and done. He did offer to sell me the maintenance plan for $700 which would cover me till the end of my 4 year / 50k period. It'll hit the 4 year mark next summer sometime.

Obviously paying $700 beats shelling out $1500 right now for both services, but I'll probably also need brakes in the near future. Call me paranoid but how do ensure I don't get shafted when I want to get the brakes changed under the maintenance plan? Since there's no real service interval for brakes since it's dependent on how the car is driven, what is stopping the dealer from trying to get out of replacing them when I already paid the $700 for the maintenance plan? I commute in the car daily and while the brakes are in good shape right now, I anticipate they'll be needing replacement in the near future.

Before anyone suggests doing the work myself, it's just not an option for me right now. Am I doing the smart thing by purchasing the maintenance plan?

You're not going to need brakes no sooner than 60k+ miles

Some members have gone 80k

Of course if you're not tracking the car.

I thought spark plugs were covered under CPO

Anyway; I've had my CPO 2016 M3 for 1 year and 13k miles

My first oil change was free.
Ive paid for 1 oil change $193

Went to an Indy for rear diff oil change $172

Only extend plan I'd consider is a warranty and that be if I purchased from used car lot and high mileage

You have a low mileage clean M Car!

And congrats 🎉