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Originally Posted by 5.M0NSTER View Post
Thanks for the write-up. I came from a 14' Mustang GT Track Pack to a '17 M2, and while I love the handling and crature comforts, I miss the V8 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Once I'm done with the BMW it will be back to V8 land for me.

GT350 and Camaro SS 1LE, along with a C7 Grand Sport are top of the wish list for me. There is something magical about a good, simple NA V8.

I know Camaro 1LE is the odd ball here, not looking as good and with poor visibility. But it matches the GT350 non-R lap times, cost $10k less than the GT350 and is far more available. Plus it has a reliable Corvette engine and Tremec 6-speed manual. So lately I've been gravitating this way more.
HOW DARE YOU! What about EV's......Greta will not be pleased.....