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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Color me very intrigued.

I still have to wonder if its really, truly a CS though. What about OLED tail lights? Those are no doubt a big contributor to the M4 CS price over a standard M4 Competition Package. So the CS will have to be priced thousands less than the M4 CS. Are people really going to be willing to pony up, let's SWAG it at $6k more, just for the privilege of the OLED tail lights and the two door body? It seems like a dubious product structure and strategy.

If it is a CS, I have plenty of crow to eat. In my defense, there have been lots of claims but no pictures, no credible inside info, and no other evidence.

Anyway thanks for posting the pics, Jason!
I hate to say I told you so.

Originally Posted by Gatte View Post
There is at least one M3 CS already.
Originally Posted by Gatte View Post
You were dreaming maybe.

What I meant to say was that there is at least one M3 CS in Garching already. You should see more of it in the future.
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We should mostly start seeing them soon. As soon as they get the stickering work done to hide the obvious bits.
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If I saw a car with M4 CS parts like the spoiler for example in a special gray, and if it had something written on it that told us what car it was, I would think it safe to assume it to be the M3 CS.
There are actually at least 2 M3 CS cars. This one looks like a different color from the one I've seen which also has the M3 CS badge on the trunk.

The problem with leaking pictures online without camo and before the car is spotted testing is that it would not help the people taking the pictures and could even cost them their jobs.

Sometimes you just have to have a little faith.

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