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Originally Posted by modkrazy View Post
But the performance seats are so sexy compared to the regular ones! You can also train yourself to drive while leaning on the armrest because the pano roof opening is a good 1.5" higher than the surrounding. Seriously, give this car a carbon fiber roof and DCT or manual, and it would be a perfect murder machine. Can't beat a V8. At the end I dropped it off my list because after options it was already $10K more than a loaded F82 and no dealer was willing to go below MSRP, so even with the somewhat nicer EU discount from Benz, I was still looking at a close to $15K difference. Couldn't justify it, especially with the headroom concern.

I got an M4 on order, but now am going through color choice anxiety, and to make matters worse a 2014 Carrera S with the X51 performance package popped up locally for basically the price I'm paying for the M.

So new M4 plus European trip but multi-month wait vs. 911 now.

First world problems.
I had the A45 AMG back until 2015 it had the same performance seats, they ae super supportive and looks amazing but the seating position is not spot on and in long distances its good but as good as the M4 seats!

As for the Automatic Gear box it is good man especially for daily usage and c63 got all the equipment from Exterior parts, exhaust and all by the time you add all that it wont be much more expensive than the M4 with all the M performance parts.
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