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Originally Posted by Tonymiabmw View Post
I agree with 4wd on future M5. Makes complete sense to do it. The think is heavy as a dog. Look at the results Mercedes got by by making the e63 AMG 4matic. M3 should never be 4wd but m5/m6 target audience it only makes sense.

Why is it that the M3/M4 should never be xDrive? I've heard that a few times here now. Where does that notion come from? I mean no one is saying to make it standard, but at least optional. For an added cost. The question is in my mind is not why, but why not?

Surely it can not be ruled out in the name of weight conservation since they already offer an f83 which is much heavier. I do not see an f80 xDrive being any heavier than an f83, which I am sure will be slower to 60 but will drive just like an M car should. Not all of us track our cars and are hell bent on the weight savings. I need a bad ass daily driver that makes me smile after a long day at the office, but at the same time is not a dog to drive in the snow or needs to be stored. Exactly why I sold my e92 M3 for the f30 335 xDrive.

Besides, the M division already has the AWD technology from the X5M and X6M cars (no featherweights there either). So it can not be that hard for them to implement. Kind of silly to not offer it on the rest of the line up, if you ask me. And will probably make them more money than an M3 GT and will bring back some of that Audi and Merc money.
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