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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
I am really not sure of what advantage is gained from a 50/50 weight, after factoring suspension into the equation. I suppose your car balance will be easier to predict initially at a track particularly during minor weight transfers. But it's nothing you wouldn't just adapt to if it weren't perfectly split.
Let's compare two extremes of chassis weight location. Audi's are typically somewhere around 58% front bias. There may not be another car brand that understeers more than Audi's. They've tried to cure this with rear diff torque vectoring but that weight hanging over the front axles is still there. Quattro is great in the rain but after having a B5 S4 and a RS4, Audi's handling is mediocre.

Porsche's are extremely rear weight biased with the engine hanging back behind the rear axle. If you're trail braking too hard you will feel the 911's weight wanting to come around on you and get out of line a bit. It's just one reason why the rear tires are so wide. This is also the reason for the 'never lift' saying that many Porsche owners pride themselves in when you are mid corner starting to drive out. 911's are great cars but they can be tricky and demand respect for that weight in the rear. If they would put some of the higher output engines in the Cayman you would have a much better balanced car but Porsche is plagued with it's history.

In the way BMW builds their cars with the ideal 50/50 in mind they are much more approachable than the 911 and more rewarding than Audi's. 50/50 weight maintains inertia equally on both ends of the car and is ideal for handling overall.

Someone had posted concerns about the chassis not being capable of harnessing the power of the new engine. Given BMW's history, the chassis has always been the priority. It is why they are known for great handling. The new M3/4 are not going to be like GT500's.
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