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Wait... So a company advertising their product and speak highly of it means the product sucks? Everything you all own has been advertised in a positive way/spin. And torque makes a shit load of difference in the driving experience, it's not over rated it's only over rated if the car you drive now doesn't have any... What else are you going to say? What do you think an M car that is I6 twin turbo can deliver? Look at the N54 engine, the possibilities are endless now that same concept is molded in an M car with M suspension, better cooling etc... Cautiously optimistic? Sure, it's how life is for almost all of us. No racing future? Oh yes the beast V8 rears it's slow ugly head again in the debate. It's a matter of time, few more months and we ll know for sure but to blindly hate is just plain stupid. For the M owners that are here with negative spin, most M cars have delivered as advertised, why would it stop now? Oh that's right, every 7 years when a model is changed everyone has to bitch and moan.