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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
It's certainly a worthwhile point to make. And while I do understand this about the active suspension, I still feel as though it isn't necessary for my needs.

When they get that magic ride wizardry all figured out - the one that reads and predicts the road surface and actively controls the suspension's compression and rebound to compensate - then maybe I'll sign on. But maybe not. . I guess by then the active damper will be the entry level anyway.

Oh, and before someone points out the new S Class has it already - I know. But we've got a generation or two before it is available to us plebeians.
The Merc technology uses an ACTIVE suspension, as compared to the SEMI-active that most other cars use. The difference is that active suspension can add force to the system: it can raise or lower the car under its own power to counteract road inputs or body motions. A SEMI-active system can only damp energy that's put into the system by outside forces (road inputs, driver inputs, etc).

A full active system uses hydraulic (or electromagnetic) actuators rather than shock absorbers, and requires quite a bit of energy to work, either via electrical current or hydraulic pressure from a pump (reduced mpg). There's also the additional cost, weight, and complexity of the hardware. It'll be a while before that type of system makes its way down market, and it's not as well suited to a sports car as it is to a big luxury vehicle.