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I drove Porsche with EPS and while I will agree that it's a massive improvement over to something like a 335 or a 550, it is not like the M5's (or M3's) hydraulic steering. It cannot be and it won't be. You can try to replicate it for as much as you want, but the fact of the matter is, EPS is not hydraulic steering. It's as simple as 2 x 2 = 4.

That being said, I think people are going to "adjust" to this the way they will adjust to the turbo engine. I was so against turbo engine and used to swear I would never give up an NA engine. After doing multiple M5/M6 test drives, I was sold on the idea completely. It's an entirely different game all together. I don't regret going to M5 and turbo engine just one bit.

I believe EPS will be somewhat similar. It will feel a bit weird, but people will get used to it. So my only advice is, STOP comparing it to hydraulic, and ACCEPT that it will be different. Whichever one is BETTER is debatable and time will only tell and the results will be different from person to person.

Do you remember how people used to object iphone 6-7 years ago when it first came out? "Oh it doesn't have real keys" or "Oh it's a hype and it will die down". What happened? Evolution.