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My opinion is that we should probably take it easy with regards to a lot of the comments we hear of various EPS systems during car reviews.

These cars are being driven at 9.5-10/10 of their limit in most of these tests, and that's where we hear slight complaints regarding some systems. That's to say that at a car's limit, sure, this is where we hear about the "numb" comments. For those of you that are track warriors; I get it, it might take some getting used to. However, for the majority of us who won't be seeing much track time, I do not believe it will be anywhere near as large of an adjustment as we think and are being led to believe.

Keep in mind, this is coming from someone who has extensive experience behind the wheel of both an e46 and e60;

I recently drove a 2014 435i with all the MPPK options (however many there are, I haven't been keeping educated with regards to these new options). Included in these versions (I was told!!) was a new steering rack. I took the car for about 10 minutes to try out the EPS. Sure, it didn't feel entirely the same as a hydraulic setup, however I did not and will not have any issues dealing with it on a day to day basis. In the sport and sport+ modes, I can confidently say I will be pleased, again, on a day to day basis. And this is saying a lot, as I'm sure the EPS on the M3/4 will be lightyears ahead of this. Mind you, my father recently purchased an A7. That is the type of EPS where there is absolute numbness in all settings, and guess what, its because it was setup to respond in that manner, purely for luxury and ease of operation. So I get that there are some systems out there that poorly represent this new EPS world, however I do not believe the majority of us will have any issues with the new system on a day to day basis.

I would love to hear from some of the steady track-goers regarding their experiences with EPS once the time comes. In that regard, I can't say too much and I look forward to getting some feedback.