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Good post. Thanks.

Well, it's understandable the amount of effort BMW put into the new steering. Didn't we read in one of the initial interviews or press releases that this car was focused around the steering, which also includes suspension of course. It's no surprise, and I'm not too worried, because BMW HAS to get this right. If there's one car that defines BMW it's the M3. They have so much name equity in this that if they mess this up, I feel it would be the beginning of the end for BMW as an enthusiast car.

Not sure how I feel about the 3 different settings. With so many possible combos in steering, suspension, whatever, I can see how there will be something to please most everyone. And that seems smart of BMW. I just prefer something more simple. Set it and forget. Accept that it's a sports car and not a luxury liner.

I agree the new system will just take some getting used to. I too test drove a 235 a while back, and even by the end of the 15 min test, I was used to the steering. When I got back in my E46 M3, sure I noticed the difference. But I'd still say the 235 was pretty decent, just different.