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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Perhaps some details were lost in translation or perhaps due to a non-native English speaker, but I found the article to be an awful lot of typical BMW ///Marketing gum flapping without too much content. What does one expect this fellow to say, that the steering sucks compared to hydraulic or perhaps that they did not meet their internal goals? Of course he also left out cost reduction as a big driver in the choice to go electric...

Oh the travesty, PDK only and EPS in the GT3. The skies really must be falling.
I agree the article said a lot of fluff, but didn't really tell us anything. The so-called gains - weight reduction, energy/fuel efficiency - are laughable. I DO think cost savings plays a big part.

One thing I extracted from the article, however, is the amount of software involved, especially when tied in with the adaptive suspension. This allows an easier path to fix bugs, much like iOS, Windows, whatever releases version 1.1 or 2.0 to fix "bugs". Steering goes a little haywire? Flash the software. Not quite the feel people are expecting/wanting? Flash the software. A lot easier than designing, engineering, manufacturing an improved part. Sounds like science fiction a bit; the sky really is falling chicken little