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Originally Posted by BK9731 View Post
So, I recently placed an order for an M3 which is scheduled to arrive in Nov. While I am very excited to finally own an M3, the fact that it will be my only vehicle is giving me a pause. I live in NJ and last winter was just brutal. Of course that thought did cross my mind when I placed the order, but lets just say I was heavily influenced by the test drive.
Then I saw a Macan on the road the other day and surprisingly impressed by it's design. Certainly not as aggressive as the M3 but it has smooth curvy lines which I prefer to sharp angular lines in many cars today. The fact that my wife likes it is a plus as well. Has anyone here driven one? M3 hands down is the more exciting car but would I regret come winter time? Thx
Some thoughts from an experienced M3 owner in a snowy climate. I've got about 150k miles in M3s over the last 11 years, all driven year round including I'd guess 60+k miles in winter months. Never got stuck once including taking my E90 to go skiing in the mountains here, even during snow storms (in Colo.) They are remarkably capable cars and very competent in the snow with the right equipment (tires) and mentality. You have to get used a little more slip from a start, but that is really the only difference between a RWD and AWD/4WD car - traction while accelerating. I know you are coming off a seriously bad winter in NJ but don't let snow keep you from an M3.

That said, I recently drove a Macan S and was blown away. The car just felt like such a fantastic package, loved everything except the braking (which I felt was a bit of a weak spot.) It isn't a sports car per se and even the Turbo 3.6 won't be nearly as fast as an M3, but it is impressive nonetheless. I really like the styling and found the cabin fit like a glove (I am 6'3"). A real Swiss army knife kind of a car. I've heard endless chick car comments like above but I think that's nonsense.

Whatever you choose you can be confident you'll be getting a great car.
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