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Not looking for negative troll responses but the honest truth based on experience. As for the previous post I don't care for magazine paid off reviews. I actually have a modded 2012 Camaro SS as well with Bilstein Pss10 coils the whole 9 yards and still feel somewhat unimpressed. It feels more M5 territory not M3/M4. Yes I too agree and said it many times , the current M3/4 has too little tire for that power. My same Camaro with similar wheels and tires 275s on my 19" Enkei Raijins can't handle the power at all and feels like the back end wants to flip over and probably will. I couldn't last a lap with those wheels on the rear so I don't see it fair for others to brag about beating your Ms when it has a clear handicap. The Camaro gen 5 with wide tires seems like you can and I do take corners at triple digits with ease, even more so than Z06s which needs lots of skill to do the same.