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magazines can be biased because they're just people too, but I feel like putting the same driver (especially a pro) behind the wheel of different cars is the best way to see which is faster (on a given track). nothing is perfect.

the m3/4 is easier/cheaper to get more power out of it, but the z28 can be sent to Hennessy, too and probably others for some more power if needed. no doubt they are good and fast cars but I don't like how but they feel to me and he camaros I've sat in dont excite me from a cabin perspective. again another reason I got my car: it's very good at being a family, fun, fast/trackable car that looks great and has the creature comforts I'm looking for, too. no other car at any price offers what the m3 does to me. perfect single car for my needs/wants.
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