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Live for today tomorrow never comes
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Originally Posted by M5essex View Post

I just thought YOLO. fuck it you cant take it with you when you're gone so spend it/borrow it while you're young(ish) and can still work to pay it off. to me, life's all about experiences and making something happen when you want it bad enough. sure, i'm going to have moments of thinking 'what a dick' why do I need to spend sooo much on a car. way more than my monthly mortgage in fact, but hey I love cars and the feeling I get from them. trouble is I like changing them a lot too...

I'm bound to get a load of jealousy, filthy looks and wank*r signs when driving it but I'm quite thick skinned and can take it. plus if they want to get out and talk face to face, i'm game
Your right there are a lot of Jealous Bastards out there, just be careful were you park it.
Great piece of kit by the way. enjoy.
We had the Bentley Convertible, parked it down in Gillingham for just an hour got it keyed , luckily it was a small scratch but could have been a larger one.
Live for now, life is too short.
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