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Originally Posted by SeanWRT View Post
Originally Posted by Denso View Post
Details on how to get one?

Ship me the key and I'll take care of the rest.
Does that mean you would be prepared to source the original OEM key too for anyone interested?
In order to get a key in the UK you need VIN details for X5M or X6 and also have to have the vehicle present at dealer when picking it up.
I've seen loads of third party china copies on eBay - some are $40 for just the case and some are nearer $100 with the electronics etc...
I would only be keen in doing this if it was an OEM BMW key as I can see a scenario where by the China copy key fails and im left stranded somewhere, unable to drive my car!
I have an M2, but we don't have the 3+1 version of the key (the +1 being the horn/alarm button) would you be able to get the version of the key with just the three buttons?
I would happily send you my spare key and wire the funds across to you for purchase of key, your friends time for soldering and return postage.
Shall I PM you?
Thanks bro