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Originally Posted by REMythic View Post
What would be a good price or percent near invoice to agree on? Has anyone had any luck bargaining below invoice price because of the hold back, and dealer bonuses for hitting monthly quotas for an ED?

The specs I want:
Custom color - Atlantis Blue - ??
Custom seat stitch color - ??
Leather Dash- 3,500
DCT- 2,900
Base MSRP - 66,500

Let's just say MSRP is 72,900 (just the DCT and Leather Dash).

My invoice would be approximately 5,888 (options) + 995 (Delivery) + 58,752 (base ED invoice) + 475 fee = 66,110 invoice

I'm having the same situation as other posters where most dealers in my area are fixed at a 5% discount and no one will budge. One dealer is at 6% off US MSRP.

I don't get why they're fixed since ED cars aren't taking away from their allocation.
For the M cars, I believe they are from their allocation.